Why Teaching at Bethel?

Bethel's M.A. in Teaching program will prepare you for a successful teaching career and provide you with an initial teaching license. 

Satisfied Graduates

Here's some statistics from our most recent Bush Exit Survey* given to our students:

  • 100% of our students said they would recommend the program to other teachers, citing such reasons as professors who bring amazing experience and knowledge to their classrooms, plus being kind, respectful, and fun; feeling prepared and confident about becoming a teacher on their own after graduating; and the excellence of the program that combines real-world experience and knowledgeable faculty in a format that works for adults with busy lifestyles.
  • 100% said they felt prepared to effectively teach the subject matter in their licensure area.
  • 91% said they felt prepared to effectively teach students from culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds and communities.
  • 91% said they felt the program gave them the skills to engage students in using a range of technology tools to access, interpret, evaluate, and apply information.
  • 97% said they were satisfied with the quality of instruction.

*Funded by the Bush Foundation, the Bush Exit Survey is a valid and reliable instrument. This survey was designed and issued by 14 higher education institutions in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. It is given to students toward the end of their program.

Adult-friendly Program Features

When asked for program feedback, graduates have consistently cited these features in the M.A. in Teaching program that have led to their success:

Cohort support. The cohort—a group of fellow students who stay together throughout the program—creates a supportive learning and working environment, which lasts during the first few challenging years of teaching.

Faculty mentoring. The program is relatively small, with roughly 30-40 students starting each year. Small classes allow faculty to provide individual attention.

Meaningful coursework. The sequence of classes enhances learning. The progression of information makes sense and builds in a logical and helpful way.

Flexibility. Life happens. We're here to help meet the needs of adult students, many of whom have families or busy careers. If something comes up, we'll help find a solution to keep you in school and help you meet your goals.

High Minnesota Teacher License Exam (MLTE) Pass Rates

To qualify for teacher licensure, all Minnesota teacher candidates must demonstrate competencies by passing basic skills exams in reading, writing, and mathematics, along with exams over pedagogy and content areas. Results are reported to the Minnesota Board of Teaching and the United States Secretary of Education. In the most recently reported MLTE scores (2012-2013) among Bethel MAT students:

  • 94% passed the basic skills exam
  • 95% passed the content exam
  • 100% passed the pedagogy exam

82% of those who completed the program were eligible for a full license in 2012-2013.