Why Teaching at Bethel?

The simple answer is student satisfaction. Our students evaluate the M.A. in Teaching program midway through, and again during student teaching, a few months before licensure. They give us a few reasons for being highly satisfied:

Cohort support. The cohort—a group of fellow students who stay together throughout the program—creates a supportive learning and working environment, which lasts during the first few stressful years of teaching.

Faculty mentoring. The program is relatively small. On average, 30-40 students start each year, allowing faculty to give you individual attention. Our professors are supportive, yet they demand high quality.

Meaningful course work. The sequence of the classes enhances learning. The progression of information makes sense and builds in a logical and helpful way.

Flexibility. We flex to meet the needs of adult learners with families.

Preparation for the real classroom. When students walk into the classroom to student teach, they feel Bethel prepared them to not only succeed, but to flourish.