About the Graduate School

The Graduate School at Bethel University provides rigorous graduate education in a supportive, Christian environment. Our 1,500 adult students come from all different backgrounds, experiences levels, and career fields with the common goal of developing as whole professionals.

Relevant Programs

We're known for relevant degree programs in the fields of business and leadership, teaching and educational administration, nursing, communication, counseling, and gerontology. In all programs, courses are led by working professionals including executives of major corporations. Due to their immediate experience, they emphasize principles that apply directly to careers.

Ethics-Based Teaching

We're unique among graduate schools for our values-based approach to education. Our students are here to become balanced leaders who serve from a strong ethical foundation. While we welcome students from all faith journeys, all courses are taught from a Christian worldview and explore ethics of decision-making and leadership.

Convenient and Collaborative

We're focused on designing programs for busy working adults. We understand that adults bring valuable experience and skills to their programs—giving them a leg up in the rate at which they learn. Most students can complete their degrees in 2 years through classes that meet weekly at locations in the Twin Cities or through regular online course work.

Our professors focus on making the grad school experience challenging yet collaborative. They are collegial and take interest in their students. Assessments are also based primarily on projects, papers, and group work, rather than through formal tests.


All programs are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. In addition, education and nursing programs are approved by the Minnesota Board of Teaching, Minnesota Board of School Administrators, and Minnesota Board of Nursing, respectively.

Duke Fuehrer

Frequent Adjustments

Professor Duke Fuehrer, expert career changer, eases the challenges his business students face adjusting to the classroom. Read More »

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