Program Details

The M.A. in Teaching program is designed to be convenient and achievable for working adults. We've outlined some details of the program to give you an understanding of class schedules, assessments, licensures, and more.

Licensure Options

We offer licenses in the following fields and corresponding grade levels:

  • Business (5-12)
  • Communication Arts and Literature (5-12)
  • Math (5-12)
  • Social Studies (5-12)
  • General Science (5-8)
  • Life science, Chemistry, or Physics (9-12)
  • TESL (K-12)
  • Visual Arts (K-12)
  • World Languages and Cultures (K-12—Spanish or French)

The M.A. in Teaching curriculum also addresses a growing population of ELL and special education students. The unique, experiential class, EDUC764: Intensive training for engaging Special Education learners & ELLs, equips pre-service teachers (in both the affective and the cognitive domains) to serve these students.

Classes and Location

Except for one on-line course, all courses are conducted face-to-face in a classroom, allowing faculty to demonstrate teaching skills and strategies. Although concepts are based on current theory, and best practices, the focus of classes and assignments is on application—to prepare you better for actual classroom work.

Classes are taught on Bethel University’s main campus, near the intersection of 694 and Highway 10 in Arden Hills.

Time to Completion

At Bethel, we understand that adult students learn more independently, bring previous experience, and are able to apply principles quickly to their work. Because you’re a more-efficient learner, class time is reduced, allowing our program to be offered on an accelerated basis.

Depending upon whether you start in the spring or fall, you may earn a teaching license in 14-16 months. After that, you’ll complete a thesis to earn your Master’s degree. Typically, the thesis requires one additional year.


A primary assessment of learning in the M.A. in Teaching takes place through a portfolio. This accumulated work will document your mastery of key concepts and skills. The courses, assignments, and portfolio are all designed to make you a high-quality teacher as specified by Minnesota licensure standards.

Upon successfully completing the required state tests and portfolio, as well as the required classes and student teaching, you will be recommended for a Minnesota teaching license (K-12 or 5-12) that corresponds with your chosen content area.


You'll register just once for the entire program. At orientation, you'll receive a calendar listing all the courses you need for completing the Masters' degree and/or licensure. Courses are listed sequentially, including dates and times of each class, to help you plan other responsibilities around your program for the coming months.