Teacher Coordinator of Work-Based Learning License

Today’s students learn in all kinds of environments. Sometimes that means on the job as well as in the classroom. High schools are looking for experts to help plan programs geared towards students who thrive in work-based experiences—programs that help them find possible career paths and set personal goals.

Bethel’s Teacher Coordinator of Work-Based Learning license program helps educators plan experiences that give their students the chance to learn in work settings outside of the classroom.

As the only private university in Minnesota with a work-based learning program, we approach our teaching from a faith-based perspective—weaving the discussion of personal growth and ethical decision-making into every course.

Who is the work-based learning license for?

This license is for educators who already have a valid K-12 teaching license. The program is designed for teachers who want to coordinate work-based educational opportunities for high school students and expand their knowledge of work-based learning.

Most of our students continue to work full-time as educators in public schools as they earn their license. They're looking to utilize their new knowledge in a current position or in a position they’d like to move into.

The program builds skills in these key areas:

  • Program planning and implementation
  • Learning assessment
  • Employment trends
  • Human resources
  • Career counseling
  • Community and business relations
  • Law, policy, and regulations

How is the program structured?

The work-based learning program uses our cohort model where students register once for the program and move through 3 courses with the same group of peers. All courses are delivered completely online, with optional social events planned throughout the year. 

Program options for students:

  • Master’s track: Earn your work-based learning license as part of the M.A. in K-12  Education program. Up to 9 credits of the license can be transferred directly into the 32-credit M.A. in K-12 Education program.
  • License-only track: Earn only the work-based learning license (completion time of less than 1 year).

Students start their program work in the summer, taking 3 classes over the course of a year:

  • Summer course: History and Advancement of Work-Based Learning (EDUC705)
  • Fall course: Designing School-Based Instruction for Work-Based Learning Programs (EDUC707)
  • Spring course: Implementing and Monitoring Work-Based Learning programs (EDUC709)

Experiential learning is a main component of the program experience. In addition to their class work, each student will meet with and interview both a human resources representative at the business of their choice and a work-based learning coordinator at the school of their choice. 

How is the license awarded?

The Teacher Coordinator of Work-Based Learning license for grades 9-12 is awarded by the Minnesota Board of Teaching after the completion of the required course work.