The M.A in Teaching is designed for:

  • Adults with an undergraduate degree who want to pursue a teaching career
  • Practicing teachers looking to advance their teaching career

According to industry observers, a general shortage of teachers is developing. The teacher supply will not meet demand, many predict, unless steps are taken to attract and retain more teachers. While job availability varies by state and fluctuates with the economic climate, excellent teachers who remain current in their profession will always be in demand.

In addition to competent teachers in mainstream classrooms, there is a growing need for teachers to work with larger numbers of special education students. Competent administrators are also increasingly needed to supervise public and private educational systems.

Education as a progressing career is accommodated at Bethel with a range of continuing education options, including the M.A. in Teaching.

This info is designed to help you think about and explore possible career paths. It does not guarantee that these careers will be available once you earn this degree.