Leadership is about more than forging a new path. It’s about knowing the best way to get there.

Our M.A. in Strategic Leadership is about learning how to integrate the best business practices with the most effective leadership skills. It’s about shaping the future while on our way there. It’s about responding to opportunities effectively and strategically. It’s about gaining a competitive advantage. It’s about knowing how to balance structure and creativity to meet goals. It’s about becoming a catalyst for change. And it’s about using current opportunities to collaborate with others and do something meaningful.

Expand Your Definition of Leadership

Here, we'll help you reframe what it means to be a leader. We focus on practical ways for you to extend your influence in every area of life, in both big and small ways. You’ll be equipped to:

  • Aspire. Challenged with solid leadership theory, you’ll begin to identify opportunities for growth and pursue meaningful goals.
  • Engage. Our instructors help students engage their community, organizations, and peers by giving them tools to apply what they’re learning to their own leadership context.
  • Transform. Creative, critical, and strategic thinking prepares students to face unforeseen opportunities and challenges—and respond wisely from an ethical foundation.

Develop Ways to Respond Effectively

Offered in a convenient format of once-a-week evening or online classes, this unique program will also help you develop the skills necessary to read situations well and respond in effective, strategic ways.  You’ll learn to adapt to the social situation you find yourself in and the needs, values, and opportunities of your entire team.

In courses taught from a Christian perspective, you’ll discuss how to apply your ethics and values to the workplace. And you’ll learn how to have difficult conversations with grace and humility.

Find out why Bethel's program in Strategic Leadership will help you reach your career goals.

Upcoming Events

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