Creating leaders to face the pressures of our fast-paced economy and respond to the needs of those they serve.

The M.A. in Organizational Leadership at Bethel is unique in its scope, helping leaders develop the tools and skills necessary to read situations well and respond in effective, strategic ways.

It’s about balancing structure and improvisation in organizations—determining how to adapt to the social situation as well as the needs, values, and opportunities of the entire group.

Leaders, ultimately, are the catalysts of change. At Bethel, we equip them to:

  • Aspire – Challenged with solid leadership theory, our students begin to identify opportunities for growth and pursue meaningful goals.
  • EngageOur instructors help students engage their community, organizations, and peers by giving them tools to apply what they’re learning to their own leadership context.
  • Transform – Creative, critical, and strategic thinking prepares students to face unforeseen opportunities and challenges—and respond wisely, from an ethical foundation.

Taught from a Christian perspective, students discuss how to apply their ethics and values to the workplace. They also learn how to have tough conversations with grace and humility.

Through out convenient program structure, classes meet once a week in the evenings. Learn more about why students study leadership at Bethel.