Healthcare is complex and needs competent leaders as never before. Your experience on the frontlines of nursing is an excellent foundation for compassionate leadership in healthcare.

The M.S. in Nursing at Bethel helps you transition into leadership with a program that is both comprehensive and versatile. Building on a sequence of core courses, you'll choose additional course work in one of two concentrations to further customize your education. Either track paves the way for further doctoral study.

Choose your concentration:

  • Nurse Leader. Develops strategic administrators capable of improving nursing care and health outcomes within systems.
  • Nurse Educator. Prepares nurses for roles in academia, staff development, and patient education, while leading to doctoral studies for those planning to teach nursing at the undergraduate or graduate levels.

Offered in a Christian environment, our graduate nursing program helps nurses become confident leaders, able to guide people and organizations in ways that improve healthcare quality.

All courses at Bethel have our distinctive hallmarks: an emphasis on ethical leadership grounded in principles of the Christian faith; and the recognition of a global family, in which respect is due to all people across lines of race, culture, religion, and socio-economic status.

B.S. to M.S. Combined Option

If you're an R.N. with a bachelor's degree in a major other than nursing, you can enroll in our B.S. to M.S. Combined Option. Check out all the details about that option, including our prerequisite bachelor's courses that will prepare you for the master's program.

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