Why K-12 Education at Bethel?

Bethel's M.A. in K-12 Education program advances teaching to the next level. The curriculum places a heavy emphasis on diversity, technology, and leadership.

Satisfied Graduates

Here's some statistics from our most recent modified Bush Exit Survey* given to our students:

  • 92% of our teachers agreed they would recommend the program to other teachers, citing such reasons as the online format working well for them; the fact that some of the instructors were active in the classroom and could relate to issues facing teachers; that the program introduces concepts that are relevant and necessary in teaching today's learners; that it can be completed while maintaining a full-time teaching position; and that the program offers opportunities to integrate new learning into the classroom.
  • 92% said they felt prepared to effectively teach the subject matter in their licensure area.
  • 92% said they felt prepared to effectively teach students from culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds and communities.
  • 85% said they felt the program gave them the skills to engage students in using a range of technology tools to access, interpret, evaluate, and apply information.
  • 100% said they were satisfied with the quality of instruction in their teacher preparation courses.

*Funded by the Bush Foundation, the Bush Exit Survey is a valid and reliable instrument. This survey was designed and issued by 14 higher education institutions in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. It is given to students toward the end of their program.

    Adult-friendly Program Features

    Christian faith perspective. Courses in our program are taught from a foundation of Christian faith, which adds meaning to the teaching profession.

    Broad educational perspectives. The program provides an opportunity to consider educational theory and practice from national and international viewpoints.

    Collaborative learning. Courses provide a supportive and collaborative environment in which to express ideas.

    Engaged learning and dialogue. Assignments and activities have been thoughtfully designed to promote engaged learning and dialogue.

    Innovative professors. Our professors bring excellent teaching skills along with innovation, a commitment to their students, and thorough engagement, whether they're teaching in a classroom or online.

    Other Program Feedback

    "I was just voted teacher of the year at my school, and I think a lot of this is because my colleagues could see me working much harder for my students because of this program."

    "The schedule and website were very easy to use."

    "The program allows for flexibility because it is online."

    "The professors are knowledgeable and provided great and timely feedback."