Technology for Educators

 Technology is shaping the way students learn—and teachers are feeling the call to respond.

At Bethel, we understand that today’s teachers want to build skills to help them integrate technology into their classroom in useful and innovative ways. The license in Teachers of Computer, Keyboarding, and Related Technology Applications is designed to do just that—prepare educators for improving the way technology is taught and used in their schools.

Who is the teachers of computer license for?

This license is for educators who already have a valid K-6, 5-12 or K-12 teaching license. The program is designed for teachers who want to expand their options by becoming licensed to teach computer and keyboarding classes as well as lead, collaborate, and consult with other classroom teachers for the purpose of integrating technology learning into content area curriculum. This add-on license will be the same grade levels as a teacher's initial license (K-6, 5-12, or K-12).

The majority of our students are already employed in a school district and are either completing the program because they want to increase their knowledge of educational technology or they may be interested in moving into a technology coordinator role in their building or in a district on a part-time or full-time basis.

The licensure helps educators build skills in:

  • Commonly used software
  • New and emerging software and Internet tools
  • Methods of keyboarding
  • Integration of technology into content areas such as math, language arts, and science

The Teachers of Computer, Keyboarding, and Related Technology Applications license program complies with the Minnesota Administrative Rules for the Teachers of Computer, Keyboarding, and Related Technology Applications.

How is the program structured?

Students complete all coursework online with a practicum experience at a school in their local area. Courses are offered summer, spring, and fall. The license can be completed in less than a year.  


  • Technology Applications for K-12 Schools (EDUC711)
  • Technology Integration for K-12 Schools (EDUC712)
  • Providing Leadership in Educational Technology for K-12 Schools (EDUC713)
  • Practicum for Teachers of Computers, Keyboarding, and Related Technology for K-12 Schools (EDUC715)

You can earn the licensure as part of the M.A. in Education K-12 program, or as a license only. 

  • Master’s track:  Up to 9 credits of the license can be transferred directly into the 32-credit M.A. in K-12 Education program.
  • License-only track: Earn only the teachers of computers license.

How is the license awarded?

After the coursework, practicum, and required MTLE exams are completed, Bethel will help you apply for your Teachers of Computer, Keyboarding and Related Technology license, which is awarded by the Minnesota Board of Teaching.

Successful graduates

Last year, 89% of students that began the program completed it on time. Plus, 100% of students who took the technology content exam passed it.

Comments we've gotten from graduates include:

  • They thought the program was excellent.
  • Got a job teaching an introductory computer technology course and a web design class.
  • Having updated skills and doing an internship was a huge plus.