K-12 Teacher of Reading License

Today’s classrooms, schools, and districts need teachers who are passionate about reading to lead the way in literacy education. The K-12 Teacher of Reading licensure program at Bethel University prepares educators to become reading specialists and leaders in the field.

Through rigorous course work and close mentoring from highly qualified and engaged faculty, our program combines current research with practical application. Students leave Bethel ready to assume critical roles advising their districts and schools in literacy instruction and assessment.

Who is the K-12 Teacher of Reading License For?

This license is for educators who already have a valid teaching license. The program is specifically designed to meet the 2010 Board of Teaching standards for the K-12 Teacher of Reading license, which will be added to your current teaching license upon completion. This license is designed for teachers who want to:

  • Specialize in reading
  • Teach reading classes
  • Assume leadership positions in literacy within a school or district

 Successful candidates for licensure will:

  • Have knowledge of the foundations of reading processes and instruction.
  • Be able to use a wide range of instructional practices, approaches, methods, and curriculum materials to support reading instruction.
  • Use a variety of assessment tools and practices to plan and evaluate effective reading instruction.
  • Be able to create a literate and motivating environment.
  • View professional development as a career-long effort and responsibility.

How is the program structured?

The K-12 Teacher of Reading license is offered through our cohort-based program in which students move through courses with the same group of peers, building a supportive learning environment. Students take 1 course at a time and meet in the evenings to accommodate work schedules.

Choose your program track:

  • Master’s track: Earn your K-12 Teacher of Reading license as part of the M.A. in Literacy Education program.
  • License-only track: Earn only the K-12 Teacher of Reading license.

The license-only track consists of 8 sequential courses (18 credits) that fulfill the requirements for the MN K-12 Teacher of Reading License. It’s designed for completion in 13 months.

These 18 credits comprise phase 1 of the Master of Arts in Literacy Education program. Students have to option to continue on to phase 2 to pursue the M.A. in Literacy Education.

Take a look at the sample schedule to get a feel for the typical program structure:

Spring 1
Foundations of Reading (EDUC601)

Reading Instruction in Primary Grades (EDUC602)
  Reading Instruction in Intermediate Grades (EDUC607)
Summer 1
Explorations in K-12 Literature (EDUC600)
Fall 1 Strategy Instruction in Content Areas (EDUC618)
  Assessment and Evaluation (EDUC622)
  Leadership and Supervision in Reading (EDUC637)
Spring 2 Reading Clinic (EDUC635)

How is the license awarded?

The Minnesota Board of Teaching determines the standards and practices of the K-12 Teacher of Reading license and provides oversight of the program. The license is awarded to candidates after completing all required steps, including:

  • Reading Teacher Exam: After completing all 18 credits of Phase 1, candidates must pass the Reading Teacher exam that is part of the Minnesota Teacher Educator Test (MTLE).
  • Professional Portfolio: Candidates must successfully complete a professional portfolio that addresses the 45 Board of Teaching 2010 Standards.