Kindergarten Education Endorsement

Today’s young students need a solid educational foundation like never before. With a Kindergarten Education Endorsement from Bethel, you’ll be licensed for the fun and rewarding work of teaching some of the school’s youngest students the basic core subjects and how to learn in a school setting.

Who is the kindergarten endorsement designed for?

The kindergarten endorsement is for teachers with a valid Elementary Education (grades 1-6) teaching license who want to teach in a kindergarten classroom either part time or full time.

And, Minnesota has recently passed a funding bill that allows Minnesota school districts to offer free all-day kindergarten beginning in 2014, potentially opening the doors for more kindergarten teachers.

How is the kindergarten endorsement structured?

The program is offered as a single course, EDUC658 Kindergarten Education. The course is offered in the summer over approximately 6 class sessions and is designed to help teachers:

  • Explore historical foundations and current trends in kindergarten philosophies
  • Understand how academic instruction fits into a developmentally appropriate classroom
  • Use emergent literacy instructional strategies
  • Experience hands-on approaches in content areas
  • Develop a personal philosophy of kindergarten education
  • Cultivate an awareness of the role of a Christian educator

The program also includes a field experience in a kindergarten classroom prior to, during, or after the course. Students who have never taught kindergarten will need to complete 30 hours of field work; those who have taught kindergartners will need a 15-hour field experience. The number of required hours will be determined on an individual basis.

Final grades will be awarded after you’ve completed both the coursework and field experience. All students will need to find their own placement.

How to Register

View the listing of individual courses to register for the Kindergarten Education course.