With a Christian, ethical approach to the adult classroom, Bethel’s postsecondary teaching program is the only one of its kind in the Midwest.

Students in our 18-credit postsecondary teaching program learn to effectively teach adults in today’s ever-changing educational settings—face-to-face in a classroom, online, or a mixture of both.

From grading processes and syllabus design, to online procedures and classroom management, you’ll learn and discuss the practical, down-to-earth aspects of postsecondary teaching. And you’ll explore the intersection of faith and education with colleagues and professors.

Combined, our faculty have more than 150 years’ worth of teaching experience from which to draw. They help you leave prepared for educational careers in a classroom or an administration office.  

Our students come from all different masters programs and a variety of backgrounds with unique insights and helpful perspectives to share. And they all want to teach or build adult education programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Learn more about why students choose Bethel to gain their postsecondary teaching certificate. 

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