Add value to your career by preparing yourself to serve aging clients with compassion and understanding.

Aging adults face a number of challenges, ranging from economics to healthcare, family relations to spirituality. These issues impact a variety of professional fields, including health or human services, education, even business and banking. Prepare yourself to serve your aging clients by gaining a greater understanding of their needs and concerns with the Gerontology Certificate at Bethel University.

Bethel takes a multidisciplinary approach to the study of gerontology, embracing a holistic understanding of the issues faced by aging individuals. The certificate program provides background in gerontology theory, research, and practice. Put these skills to work in your current career or family life, or pursue a career in gerontology.

At Bethel, we use a program design with simplified, one-time registration. We use a cohort model, allowing small groups of students to progress through the courses together, fostering a supportive learning environment. Learn from expert faculty and other leaders in the field through a practice-oriented approach so that you can immediately apply new skills to real-life situations.

The Certificate consists of the first five courses of the M.A. in Gerontology program. If you choose to pursue the master’s degree, the courses in the Certificate program will apply.

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